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03/26/12 Charges on former Moscow subway head dropped

MOSCOW, March 26 (RIA Novosti) – Charges of financial wrongdoing against the former head of Moscow's subway, Dmitry Gayev, have been dropped, the Interior Ministry's investigation department said on Monday.

Gayev, who managed the Moscow rapid transit system for more than 15 years, was accused of illegally diverting 112 million rubles ($4 million) in public funds. He resigned in 2011 after allegations of fraud and embezzlement came to light.

Gayev had been accused of illegally patenting the electronic subway tickets used today that replaced tokens in 1999 and receiving 112 million rubles in patent proceeds over the following 11 years.

An inquiry established that Gayev legally patented the new type of ticket, the investigation department said.

 The source RIA NOVOSTI

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