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Globalization, what does it mean to you ?....

Is it the possibility of running your business in any country, the high standards of service which you have come to expect or is it the feeling of security and confidence that comes with complete control? TechnologiaONE works to make Russia part of this global process, works to make you feel secure in the future of your business. We believe in Russia and in the possibility of living and working in Russia successfully. We also believe it is worth trying something new, being original and creating something amazing. We will do everything it takes to make your venture a bonanza.
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The country of opportunities

Russia is the world's largest country, occupying 75% of the former Soviet Union (17 million sq km or 6.6 sq miles), has a significant percentage of the world's mineral resources and produces 14% of the world's total mineral extraction.

The Russian Federation holds the world's largest natural gas reserves, 38% of the world's total. Together with the Middle East, which holds 35% of total reserves, they account for 73% of world natural gas reserves. With up to 10 percent of the world’s known oil reserves, Russia pumped on average 9.4 million barrels a day and exported around 7 million last year, yielding only to Saudi Arabia and occasionally outstripping the desert kingdom in monthly production. In the past six years, the high prices for crude oil have added at least 15 percent to the country’s GDP, brought billions of dollars to the treasury, boosted personal incomes by almost one-third, and considerably strengthened Russia’s position in the world.

According to Federal Statics Bureau of Russia (Rosstat) only within first six months of 2011 there has been invested over US$ 87,7 billion from foreign companies into Russian Economy, which is over 2.9 times more than there had been invested during the same period of time in the previous year.

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Charges on former Moscow subway head dropped 
Putin has won Russian election 
Almost two decades after negotiations began Russia is set to join the World Trade Organization. Russia, the biggest country to enter the WTO since China joined ten years ago, is expected to be confirmed as a member during the ministerial meeting...

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