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Who we are

Is it the possibility of running your business in any country, the high standards of service which you have come to expect or is it the feeling of security and confidence that comes with complete control? TechnologiaONE works to make Russia part of this global process, works to make you feel secure in the future of your business. We believe in Russia and in the possibility of living and working in Russia successfully. We also believe it is worth trying something new, being original and creating something amazing. We will do everything it takes to make your endevour a bonanza.

  TechnologiaONE has been successfully operating in the field of consulting services since 1996. Our company provides legal, financial and other possible assistance to investors and entrepreneurs, who develop their businesses at the territory of Russia. We provide integrated Legal, Audit, Tax and Accountancy services. 

Do you plan to enter the Russian market and establish your company in Russia? 

Are you in need of professional legal, tax or accounting assistance to your company at the territory of Russian Federation? 

We render in-country representation for companies looking to set up a cost-effective approach to establishing a presence in the Russian market: Government Relations, Public Affairs and Media and Investor Communications.

We assess the implications of political, regulatory, economic and business climate issues on the client’s near- and long-term business objectives and to preserve their reputation.  We use these findings to develop a strategic communications plan with key messages, opinion leader outreach, lobbying, news events and targeted advertising to effectively communicate with key audiences in government, business and investment community, news media and the general public.  

The TechnologiaONE approach to assisting clients starts with developing an in-depth understanding of the client’s goals and objectives, as well as studying the client’s industry sector, political, economic and business issues affecting the industry, and the marketplace.  Once having a complete picture of the client’s challenges and opportunities, we develop a mutually agreeable scope of work, budget and timeline.  

We view our clients as partners and want to build long-term relationships based on trust, commitment and proven performance.The practical experience of our professionals helps foreign companies to achieve their goals in the Russian market.

With TechnologyONE you can have the peace of mind,you need to focus on what’s really important: growing your business in Russia.

TechnologiaONE today:

  • Operating since 1996
  • Over 100 satisfied clients
  • Over 50 successful projects
  • Strong references
  • Competent staff

Our philosophy:    

Client proximity

This means solid understanding of clients’ needs and ability and readiness to react to changes in the market while working towards goals together.

Honest and trustworthy relationships

All our people work hard to build honest and trustworthy relationships with each other and with clients, to be open and to be ready to thoroughly consider any situation to help each other and clients.

Responsibility and professionalism

We approach any task or issue with all our responsibility and stay true to the business relationships. We ensure that our professional advice is complete and objective.

We do all from us depending to correspond to the international standards of legal services and to justify high trust of clients.

Please participate in our survey and let us know if the Russian Market (RM) is attractive for...
  The RM has no potential for our company 
  30.86%  (25)
  We are carrying out a marketing research 
  27.16%  (22)
  Never thought of that 
  20.99%  (17)
  Yes, our company has already established its representation on the RM 
  11.11%  (9)
  We presently consider opening a Branch 
  9.88%  (8)
Total voices: 81
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