Business support and consulting in Russia.
Legal advisors.
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TechnologiaONE.   Est.1996    
Business support and consulting in Russia .Legal advisors.

We care for the most precious commodity of all, we spare your time.

We provide the following services:

  • Legal consulting
  • Tax consulting
  • Outsourcing accountancy
  • Audit
  • Business Consultancy
  • Intellectual property protection.Technology transfer

Legal consulting

  TechnologiaONE offers a full range of legal advice and consultancy to foreign companies and entrepreneurs.We can render you and your company with support in the following specific fields:
  • Setting up new companies and branch offices, drafting memorandums of association, foundation documents, structuring and implementation of corporate acquisitions, reorganizations and mergers
  • Negotiation, drafting and review of distributorship, franchise and license agreements.
  • Legal support for all kinds of bank transactions. Project finance.
  • Importation, customs clearance and distribution of the products produced abroad.
  • Purchase and sale of real estate, drafting sale and lease contracts, negotiations with foreign and local partners.
  • IP-law (patents, licenses, trademarks). Drafting license, author and publisher contracts.
  • Drafting employment contracts, contracts of representation, the contracts and agreements with executive staff, as well as other documents concerning labor law.
  • Litigation. Enforcement of court and arbitral awards.


We render full scale advice on taxation, tax planning as well as development of new tax strategies for foreign investors.

We focus on consultancy support for M&Amp;A transactions, as well as tax advice in the course of legal succession and reorganization of legal entities.

Yet we provide legal advice with regarding to:

  • Different tax aspects of operation of permanent establishments (representative offices) of foreign companies.
  • Tax aspects at selection of the legal form for a new company, company restructuring and acquisition of corporate rights or shares.
  • Leasing transactions.
  • Avoidance of double taxation.
  • Intercourse with tax authorities, tax litigation.

Outsourcing accountancy

Within the wide array of such services we perform the bookkeeping for our clients, including financial and salary accounting, reporting, administration of incoming and outgoing payments, drafting and filing tax returns. Additionally we offer the consulting services in the following fields:
  • Salary calculation / staff management.
  • Preparation of annual accounts.
  • Preparation of tax declarations and notifications to the state statistics committee.
  • Current internal bookkeeping, controlling.


You can count on us in the following audit-services:
  • Mandatory and voluntary audits of annual financial statements of the company or corporation in accordance with the Ukrainian, Russian and German standards (HB I and HB II respectively), as well as in accordance with IFRS/IAS and US-GAAP.
  • Other mandatory and optional audit reviews.
  • Evaluation of companies, consultancy support regarding the transactions on the sale or acquisition of companies, shares or corporate rights.
  • Due Diligence investigations.

Business Consultancy

We can provide you with consulting support starting from the choice of appropriate legal form for a new company up to structuring the investment projects, in particular:
  • Consulting on the choice of legal form for the company, incorporation of companies, representative offices, subsidiaries and branches.
  • Support on obtaining employment permits, customs and licenses registrations, opening and operating bank accounts.
  • Assistance in the recruitment of personnel and renting office premises.
  • Feasibility Study for the implementation of investment projects.

Intellectual property protection.Technology transfer

The name of our company indicates our major attraction, which is new technologies and now-hows. We would be very interested to learn about your company’s developments and provide you with all neccessery support to transfer and spread it here, in theRussian Federation.We would certainly be interested to participate in the endevour of finding licencees for american patent-holders.Our relevant services are:

  • Registration of ownership on intellectual property rights
  • Intellectual property disputes resolution
  • Copyright and trademark law
  • Intellectual property protection

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