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Our clients

TechnologyONE is providing consulting services to business of all scales as well as to individual enterpreneurs . Our aim is to serve international, mostly American and Russian companies as well as foreign direct investors in a range of industry sectors.

Our clients are Russian and foreign companies, banking and finance organizations, construction and development companies, production and commercial enterprises, educational establishments and service providers.
Our client list includes, but is not limited to:

Financial Organizations    

  • City bank
  • NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation)

Construction and Development Companies

Production and Commercial Enterprises

  • Gazprom.    One of the world’s biggest energy companies. (see reference)
  • Krono Group.    The SWISS KRONO GROUP is one of the world’s leading companies specialising in wood-based materials. (see reference)
  • Momentive.    World leader in specialty chemicals and materials. (see reference)
  • Rosneft.   The leader of Russia’s petroleum industry. (see reference)
  • EuroChem.    Russia’s largest mineral fertilizer producer.(see reference)
  • TNK-BP.    The leading Russian oil company. (see reference)
  • Dormash Moscow
  • Pilotazh Group

Advertising and Media

  • News Outdoor Russia
  • Optimum Media OMD Group
  • World Fashion Channel
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Federal TV-chanels

Our clients are located not only in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, but in different regions of Russia: Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Cherepovetz, Ufa, Tula, Yoshkar-Ola, towns of Altaiskiy Region, etc.
TechnologiaONE operates nation wide.

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  The RM has no potential for our company 
  30.86%  (25)
  We are carrying out a marketing research 
  27.16%  (22)
  Never thought of that 
  20.99%  (17)
  Yes, our company has already established its representation on the RM 
  11.11%  (9)
  We presently consider opening a Branch 
  9.88%  (8)
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